A win-win for both vet and pet owners
15/11/2018 - 14:18

With fireworks becoming an integral part of the UK social calendar and it now going on for months rather than days, we at Vetoquinol feel it’s important to raise awareness and support the pet owner in helping their dogs and cats cope with the noises and changes in their environment.


With this in mind we asked CVS veterinary clinics to put their thinking caps on and come up with some informative displays within their practices to help educate pet owners and provide information on the products and support available during the fireworks season, a competition sponsored by Zylkene.


We had such an array of amazing entries submitted and it was very difficult to decide on the winners.

1st Prize: 


2nd Prize:


3rd Prize:


Fireworks season is a busy time of year for us here at Vetoquinol with Zylkene calming supplement. Zylkene is a natural choice for behavioural support that can be used for common stressful situations such as fireworks, loud noises, moving home, holidays, cattery or kennels, vet visits and more.


For more information on supporting your pet through stressful situations visit:

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