Our products for EQUISTRO

A range of supplements specially formulated to support your horse's individual needs throughout its life. 
  • Azodine contains minerals to maintain a healthy muscular function in horses with elevated muscle electrolyte needs.

  • Equiliser contains organic magnesium, L-Tryptophan and key B complex vitamins. To reduce stress reactions in horses.

  • Excell E contains a bioavailable complex of vitamin E, organic selenium, magnesium and L-lysine. To maintain healthy muscular function and integrity.

  • Flexadin UCII can be use to support lasting joint health and mobility.

  • Haemolytan 400 contains vitamins and readily assimilated trace elements, copper and zinc. It is to support a normal blood profile and recovery after periods of intense effort or convalescence.

  • Kerabol Biotin contains  D-biotin, DL-methionine (organic sulphur source), readily assimilated chelated zinc, manganese (IPALIGO® trace elements) and selenium (Sel-Plex®) for a healthy hoof and a bright shiny coat.

  • Legaphyton contains a readily assimilated silibin and phospholipid compound and highly digestible carbohydrates. It supports the liver in the case of chronic liver insufficiency.

  • Mega Base contains vitamin and mineral support to help active healthy horses meet their nutrient requirements.

  • Megabase junior contains vitamin and mineral support to help the normal development of foals.

  • Respadril contains 6 selected herbs and readily assimilated copper for short term respiratory system support.

  • Secreta Pro- Max contains a selection of herbs with the antioxidant vitamin E for the maintenance of a clear airway and healthy respiratory system.